As a company operating in the fashion and apparel sector, we are well aware that the clothing industry is seen as destructive in the face of today's environmental challenges. Indeed, much of society leans towards fast, disposable fashion, encouraging over-consumption and waste.

At M/2 Boutiques, we advocate sustainable fashion. In other words, we opt for environmentally-friendly practices, encouraging sustainability rather than quantity. In fact, we put the emphasis on acquiring better-quality clothing with a view to making it last longer. In this way, we can reduce our ecological footprint by focusing on a world in which the concept of "slow fashion" is put forward rather than that of "fast fashion"

Our packaging

At M/2 Boutiques, we offer cardboard bags as packaging when our customers shop in one of our boutiques. Why do we do this? For the simple reason that we want to encourage a smaller ecological footprint from our stores to our homes. In fact, we've opted for packaging made mainly of cardboard, as there are many ecological advantages to using this material.


Cardboard is easy to recycle. In other words, it is possible to collect this material, sort it and transform it into a new product, thus promoting the reduction of polluting waste...


This material has the ability to disappear completely from the ecosystem, leaving no toxic residue. So we use cardboard rather than plastic, because it's biodegradable and lightweight. In other words, it's much more ecologically responsible and just as effective as a packaging bag. In this way, environmental impact is reduced.

Minimal carbon footprint

Cartonboard packaging requires less energy to produce than plastic or metal packaging. In fact, the production of cardboard bags minimizes the carbon footprint, especially when compared with the production of plastic bags.


Always with the aim of reducing pollution, the cardboard bag is an item that can be easily reused. Being a rather thick and rigid material, cardboard holds its shape well. In this case, it's possible to reuse a cardboard bag for a variety of purposes.

*In orderto recycle your M/2 Boutiques cardboard bag, be sure to remove the fabric straps (handles) and recycle only the cardboard part.

Our brands

With ecology at heart, we're proud to stock a host of prestigious brands that support the environment and aim to reduce the world's ecological footprint. Indeed, many of them are concerned about the environment and want to be responsible. While the quality level of their products already encourages sustainability, they are thinking bigger by using various means to promote ecology.

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